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Ace Casino City Security

Ace Casino City has spent countless development time on Security and protecting our player's privacy. Our number one priority is to provide a complete and safe gaming experience. .
  • All our staff have their backgrounds checked to ensure that our organization maintains one of the highest standards in the world for Internet Casinos.
    The Support and Technical team are manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ensuring that we are reachable and ready to assist you when you need us.
  • Our Online Customer Information Policy pledges that any details disclosed by the player will not be sold or distributed to a third party.All confidential information is secured employing a 128-bit key encryption. This encryption length is immensely difficult to break, therefore offering maximum security. Our servers are housed in highly secured rooms.
    These rooms are under 24-hour surveillance, and are only accessed by authorized government personnel and licensed staff members.
  • Credit Card details are encrypted and entered into a separate, secure server that is not accessible by anyone other than trusted and bonded key management personnel.
  • Complete audit trail For your protection, we keep every transaction that you make at our casino on record.
  • You may request a complete audit trail at any time. In addition, all of your financial and credit card information is completely safe as our e-cash system uses the latest encrypted software technology available. This service allows you to be absolutely confident in all your dealings with the casino.
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